Solutions for: WordPress RSS Feed Not Working / Not Working

The reason for the redirect could be a page move and a user redirect. However, it can happen that the user gets stuck between two mutually redirected pages.

After updating to WordPress 3.2, some RSS feeds no longer appear in the dashboard or on the blog itself. The problem with this is the trailing slash of the stream URI. After the slash is removed, the thread is reloaded. From personalization URL

This is done in the settings of some widgets. In the toolbar, you access the configuration via the “Configure” link that appears when you hover over the widget’s title bar.

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For a while the main page greeted me at this point, the WordPress RSS feed usually shows the following message:

WP HTTP Error: Too many redirects.

The following feed is entered there by default:

Some people have problems withremoving the last slash. However, it doesn’t work for me. German WordPress Forum Tip was better with a different feed URL.

After that, everything returned to normal.


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For a while, the homepage greeted me with the following message in the place where the WordPress RSS feed would normally be visible:

WP HTTP Error: Too many redirects.

Some people have trouble removing the last slash. However, it doesn’t work for me. This was better than the advice on the WordPress forum in Germany with a different feed URL.

Your WordPress site’s RSS feed isn’t working and can’t be found? There may be several reasons for this:

Either the RSS feed itself, i.e. the XML file and the URL of the feed, Krone is the problem, or the application or website through which you use your RSS feeds. These are reasons of a different nature, therefore only the systematic processing of the checklist and specific tactics help.

Next, I assembled a separateMore options with a detailed description of what is needed and a list of steps that no longer work. you should check the RSS feeds to solve your problem.

What Is An RSS Feed And How, For Example. R Usually On A WordPress Site?

First, a brief overview. Let know that the RSS feed is not working on their WordPress site, but you haven’t really explored RSS or the details in WordPress. It’s also perfectly normal, because when things are going well, a person doesn’t have to worry about technical details.

An RSS feed is a list of the latest articles from a website, whether it’s powered by WordPress or not. The feed is available on the website as an XML file. The URL of the home RSS feed of the WordPress website, as well as other feeds, but there are others for categories and comments, have a standard that is automatically implemented by WordPress.

In general, the RSS theme in WordPress is quite extensive (I didn’t think so). Didn’t you think so? Then be sure to read my (appropriate) detailed post on the following topic called WordPress RSS Feeds: Setup, URLs, Everything You Need to Know

Now we’ll show you how to fix the problem And with your site’s RSS feed. First, I highly recommend that you read my in-depth review article I just mentioned, because after all, you’ll have a good idea of ​​what you’re really dealing with. You can also find an explanation and solution to your question or problem there.

However, if this is not the case, we will turn to other steps that you can always take if something does not work out the way you really want or expect as a result.

Issue Description: WordPress RSS Feed Not Working Or Not Found

What exactly does it mean when someone says their WordPress site’s RSS feed is down? WordPress users report various messages or certain standard elements:

  1. The feed URL exists, but the feed cannot be read. “Too many redirects” error message.
  2. The feed URL is available as well as the RSS feed file. It is no longer possible to subscribe to the feed in the browser with one click, as it was before. In particular, such a choice as the husband wants to subscribe to the channel was previously displayed, but is now missing.tvuet.
  3. The feed was having difficulty but is no longer displayed correctly in the plug-in, feed reader, or aggregator that was used to read the feed (too few articles, no updates, etc.)
  4. You get an error when calling a feed or file URL for an RSS feed after the person has changed something in the theme’s PHP code or elsewhere in the code.
  5. You just changed your web host and reinstalled WordPress, changed themes, or made similar changes, but the RSS feed issue persists.
  6. Alternate description or error.

Possible Solutions For Broken RSS Feeds In WordPress

The possible solutions I’ve listed below are partly very specific, but partly very general. This means that some things only help solve a specific problem, while others help solve several different problems. The easiest way for YOU to move forward is to simply review, check and try these points step by step.

Be patient and watch for errors after each step. Perhaps this behaviorWill change if the stream is not yet fully operational and you have already taken one step further. Please note that in this case you are living with a possibly modified error description or error message.

Step 1: Enter The Default RSS Feed URL In Your Browser And See What Happens

You may have done this before, but without categorization: type in your browser the RSS feed URL of your default WordPress site. This URL (replace with your domain and select http:// or https:// depending on your website):

If you find a file there that YOU can view in a browser as XML source code and download, then the feed file is a kind of place. Download Indicates that the browser will ask you where to save the requested file, because the browser is set to download expert XML files by default.

If YOU want to see the source code of the xml and what the contents of the file usually look like, click (again) on my overview article. Here is a link (opens in a new window/tab) directly to the sample code for the RSS feed. So keep reading here.

However, if youIf you receive a 404 error on your website, i.e. page not found, etc., the feed file is NOT at the default URL. In this case, the RSS feed URL may have changed.

The modified RSS Feed URL in WordPress can optionally be reset in the WordPress Customizer and in the WordPress Settings under Reading. Next, if you’re not familiar with the WordPress Customizer, be sure to read my article here on titled “WordPress Theme Customizer, A Simple Explanation”.

If you find your WordPress site’s RSS feed URL changed in the Theme Customizer or any other prominent place, check that URL instead of the default RSS Feed URL. Again, if the file is there, fine. You get a 404 error, then the RSS Feed XML file is missing. Finally, look for items on this list that update the atmosphere of the living room and try them first.