Problem with Windows Explorer April update could affect Microsoft

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One of the bugs we found in 10 is that some feature of the start menu disappears when you start the OS community for the first time or at some point in your own use you can no longer access it access. The tutorial below described in order, you can repair the Windows 10 Start Menu.

The start menu disappears mostly due to a process that doesn’t necessarily run when you start Windows 10, or a third party app,attacking part of the Windows 10 paper registry.

Also, as a precaution during the steps that are less explained, I would advise you to make every effort to avoid any damage along the way.

Because we suspect that Windows 10 is indeed the perfect operating system, we as researchers don’t want to give it up, so we did a little research on how to fix the Windows 10 missing start menu problem and came up with basic solutions . .

In this article, you will find complete suggestions on how to fix the disappearing Start menu in all versions of Windows 10. If you are looking for solutions for Windows 10, just find the article and click here

Weird issues continue to occur even more than four months after the release of Windows And 10 with some major user updates.

This time, a Reddit user reported that the start menu is probably missing, and if you are also experiencing this problem, we will try to find a solution for you.

Many launch users use the menu monthly, but a few usersThe users have been told that experts claim that the A menu has completely disappeared from their PC. Speaking of problems launching the menu, registered users have the following problems:

  • Windows 10 Start Menu and Cortana really work According to users, sometimes Cortana and the Start menu don’t work on their PC. To solve this problem, you just need to run the PowerShell command alone in .Start
  • The button in Windows 10 does not work. If the Start button is not working on someone’s computer, the problem could be caused by a corrupted user account. However, you can solve this problem simply by creating a new user account.
  • Start menu 10 windows disappeared from the menu. Several users have found that the Start menu has disappeared from them. This may be the most recent problem, but you can solve it by scanning your system files for dangerous ones.
  • Windows 10 Start Gallery disappeared after update. updating can sometimes cause your start menu to disappear. However, you can easily fix it by finding it and removing the annoying update.
  • Start menu in Windows 10 does not open or respond. Users have reported various problems with the Start menu on their PCs, but if you’re having problems with the Start menu, be sure to try one of our solutions. whether>

    How Do I Fix Disappearing Windows 10 From The Start Menu?

    How to fix daemon Exe in Windows 10?

    1. Update your video card driver
    2. Remove from Dropbox
    3. Try restarting all Windows 10 apps
    4. Create a new user account.
    5. Update Windows
    6. Install the latest updates
    7. Log out of your account and log back in.
    8. Restart Scan Explorer
    9. Performing SFC and DISM
    10. Create another account
    11. Remove problematic update
    12. Reset Windows 10
    13. Use third party software.

    1. Update The Sample Card Driver Image

    1. Go to search, type Device Broker and open Device Manager.
    2. Expand the display connectors, right-click on the card image and go to the driver updater For
    3. Wait while the wizard finds theNo updates.

    Some users who only participated in forum threads about problems have suggested that the problem is related to the personal video card drivers, so updating one on top of the other may improve the situation a little.

    To protect your system from irreversible damage due to installing the wrong driver versions, we strongly recommend that you use a dedicated tool.

    There were but a lot of them, we always talk about DriverFix. This tool is almost the same and allows different scan sessions to be started.

    The tool will find all your outdated, broken or even missing drivers, then download them directly from the web directly from the developers and the software will install them on your PC. Single

    Your task after that is simply to restart your computer and apply the new drivers, that’s all. For

    According to the comments outside of the forums, updating the drivers definitely won’t work as they only work for one, two or three users.

    But we included it in the context Well, because updating the drivers does not hurt, and you hardly know it, perhaps this will solve this problem with launching the menu.

    2.Remove Dropbox

    Many users who faced this problem before something happened every day installed Dropbox on their computers. For some reason, Dropbox is interfering with your Start Menu and preventing it from working properly.

    So if you installed it, uninstall dropbox and see if the start menu reappears.

    This could be a major issue for Dropbox users, forcing them to only use the web version of the current service, but we at Dropbox will be releasing an update soon that will address this major issue.

    3. Try Restarting All Windows 10 Apps

    1. OK – switch to the start menu and open a powershell command prompt (administrator)
    2. type command line
    3. In the Admin: PowerShell window, paste the application string:

    4. Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers For | each Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml"
    5. Please wait org/2000/svg’%, pleasePowerShell will execute (don’t pay attention to the many red error codes)

    Speaking of start menu and app conflicts, some of them might be because your Windows 10 apps stopped working on Windows 10, so we should reinstall all Windows 10 apps and see if the menu works again “Start”.