Fixing Windows Cron Lounge

Month An Introduction To The Month In To Give You A Good Overview. Use It To Plan Projects, Multi-day Trips, Or Preview Upcoming Vacations. To Display The Month, Simply Press M. Move Up And Down, Scroll Through Consecutive Months And Drag Events Between Them. Of Course The Arrow Keys And J K.


We’ve Also Added A Powerful Solid View Selector To The Top Of The Cron Window. Display Day/week/month (D W M) Or Select Number Of Days (2 – ” 9).You Can Show/hide Weekends, Banned Tournaments, And Week Numbers In The Exact Selection.Week Numbers Are A Great Way To Track Your Progress Every Year.

Events Created In The Monthly View Are All-day By Default. Click And Drag, Double Click And/or Perhaps Press C To Create New Tournaments. You Can Drag The Put Or Right Side Of The All Day Event To Make It Longer Or Shorter.

Other Improvements


  • The app integrates with the Raycast Launcher as one of the default calendars to open events directly.
  • Adds a simple API for other tools to open cron for a specific event.
  • Adds -, =, ; and ' as valid keys if global machines can be personalized . .
  • Adds the option > Shared Calendar > Calendar Display > Week Numbers.
  • Displays the week label at the top level (preferably in the mini month navigator and therefore in the month view).
  • Allows you to change the start, end, and other dates of all-day events by resizing the markers on the side.
  • Corrections incorrectly show that most calendar accounts have been disabled in perfectly safe situations.
  • Fixed a layout issue with multi-days and whole days crossing hidden weekends.


Cron Windows


Cron application for Windows (download link) call. Allows you to use next generation calendars on Windows desktops! We haven’t made any changes and Cron is perfect for our system:


  • Scene calendar with upcoming events.
  • Notifications for upcoming meetings with “Join Meeting” button
  • Global keyboard to open taskbar calendar and connect to conferences.
  • Inline event callback notifications.
  • Light and dark configurations according to system settings.


In addition, all the main features after Cron for macOS are now available on Windows. You can login to your existing cron user profile. Click to learn keyboard shortcuts for Windows. Please note that Microsoft support will be provided later due to Outlook calendar accounts. We appreciate your recent feedback on Cron for Windows.

Cron Is Essentially A Mac Homebrew Cask


For those who install macOS apps using Homebrew Cask, there is now a cron cask:

Other Improvements


  • Add country names to the instance’s zone selector (for example, try Z after “Swe” or “Switz”).
  • Added 4 hours and 8-10 hours options for “Menu bar predictive preview of future events”.
  • Corresponds to the “Workweek starts from” setting in the date picker on the right.
  • Displays the active calendar in the context of this panel when a range of days is selected in the grid. declaration
  • Set up all-day multi-day related events in the menu bar calendar to never show a case history with dates.
  • Improved tooltips when entering start/end time, where the exact time is indicated.
  • Prevents automatic scrolling of the grid to change the start/end time of the event via the context field.
  • Disables pigment selection in the panel for contests in read-only calendar subscriptions.
  • Hides the dedicated “Suggest new time” button for events on teammates’ calendars.
  • Fixes events with this non-IANA time zone (eg some auto-imported flights) in the application.
  • Fixed resetting global hotkeys to settings leading to the transcription screen.
  • Fixed importing some .ics files resulting in a blank screen.
  • If you right-click Paste Paste Event, the event will normally be set to the correct position in the grid.
  • Fixed an issue with the initial meeting URL when a separate meeting URL from the same conferencing provider is specified in the location type or high description field.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the join meeting button in a text field (or Ctrl/ J) was wrong. the notification of the upcoming meeting was ignored.
  • Fixed selecting a good event in the toolbar menu when an event with pending changes was already selected in the window.
  • Fixed scroll grid horizontal freeze when matched 15 minutes or less before midnight.
  • Fixed that clicking near mesh-related edges caused unexpected scrolling for certain aperture sizes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the application to stop responding when a large number of characters in the “Say it” menu.
  • Fixed incorrect fields copied when using formatted text fields such as legal entity description.
  • Fixed some calendars not showing up in each of our cron menus on the left due to unusual circumstances.
  • Correct all-day non-events by displaying the correct event area in the context area. Sometimes
  • Fixed a hidden “ghost window” that was creating an inactive space on the screen.
  • Fixed –˜ tab macOS that prevented the cron appointment settings window from opening in certain situations.
  • Fixed that the ad is always saved when double clicking on the grid.
  • Fixed leaving “shared” mode with esc in certain situations. Top level
  • Fixed that the action to attend meetings was sometimes not displayed in the menu bar calendar.


Dating Pages

We have greatly improved the external booking sites you use to actually create by reporting availability. In particular, recipients see the time zone associated with timeslots and can set it to appear in any time zone (their internal clock is the default).

For the recipient, these pages are a familiar way of planning. For cron users, enabling a “schedule link” means a super-powerful workflow for managing external meetings. We have ambitious plans for these sites; stay tuned!


The user interface for accessibility sharing for the cron user has also been improved. The message title is now “Meet ” by default. Prevents some “Create” buttons from being disabled because a specific title is required when “Program Link” is actually enabled. If you know who the meeting will be with, you should change the default, e.g. B. to “Alice / “.

Other Improvements


  • Security improvements for non-US keyboard layouts and alternative keyboard layouts (e.g.Cher, Dvorak).
  • Improved the layout algorithm for interested buyers to match 0-minute events.
  • Improve the behavior of a particular application during back-end maintenance. Scroll
  • Allows calendar lists to exceed window height.
  • Fixed creation of a series of repeating events in the “Meeting” mode.
  • Fixed to make it easier to change the shared availability calendar between shared accounts.
  • Fixed double playback of the corresponding notification sound when displaying a notification and changing settings.



You can now invite a good friend or teammate to cron. –˜ is simply K > Invite to Cron… or access your prompts from the help menu in the bottom right corner. We also start showing a prompt on the right context panel card when nothing is considered selected. We hope you enjoy and help Cron join your new community.

Global Labels

We’ve changed the locks for both system-wide keyboard cut corners to avoid conflicts:


  • Date menu bar Control –˜ K
  • Join conferences around the world control –˜ J


You can change the new default to anything you like, including: Settings > Calendar > Menu Bar.

Other Improvements


  • Change the “Join Conference” hotkey to –˜ J.
  • Changes the event token selection to stripes when all participants answer “Maybe”.
  • Displays the “Show/hide cron menu” tooltip (click the rubber band to toggle).
  • Allows you to view very long lists of appointments.
  • Fixed paused events sometimes not appearing immediately after store confirmation.
  • Corrections that automatically add conferences are sometimes added the minute the event is created.
  • Fixed an issue where parameters and comment views could not be skipped in search queries.
  • Fix parallel layout events without duration.
  • Fixed creation of recurring events in “Meetings” mode.
  • Fixes that temporarily display the same timezone as the existing timezone.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Copy” button was not showing up with tooltips for the “Join Meeting” button.