Found fix for Social Club upload reset issues [x-post]


Yes, has anyone else had this problem? Obviously I have an internet connection and I just download something and it works for sure. Does anyone know how to get into this? I just ignored trying for over 100 years and activated the offline mode. But it just got me into infinite sync.

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I am

Yes, I have exactly the same problem, it really annoys me, of course I have a connection, because I work with teamspeak.

same problem, windows 10… male or female ideas? I have (obviously, I have a connection, etc.)


Toint’s original post:

Yeah, same problem, also on Windows 10. Tried to figure out what you didn’t like to see for 2 hours.

I did a little research on the problem and did most of the steps described below but still not solved.

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Originally posted during Afropop:

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Hello everyone, out of luck, I choose? I have a real problem.

Hi everyone, I don’t use it? I have an identical problem.


I thought there was something wrong with my computer, but as soon as possible I see that others cannot use this link either. Maybe restart soon?

I thought the house was not suitable for my PC, but now I see that others will not use this link either. Maybe they’ll revive it soon?

Dude I bought this today and I got really pissed off.

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I think I’ve managed to fix a bug where the game doesn’t really finish loading and every work hour you restart your internet/pc or this task crashes or whatever, you lose good fat or % what -something % with loading.

On a specific topic, it also seems that the downloader keeps installing the same file over and over again but with a different music file name (e.g. x64t.rpf 1.79 GB becomes x64l.rpf 1.79, etc.)

Therefore, saving disk space and using space at home and on your hard drive, it literally serves to download the same file over and over again. Now when you restart/reset the main loader it sees this and it removes duplicate movies, it keeps creating problems and repacking the same file over and over no matter what you did in an endless loop.

If you are the proud owner of this edition, go into your GTA and directory, check the file types of all .RPF computer data, and see if any of these animals are duplicates (x64t.rpf 1.79 GB, x64l . rpf 1.79 GB, etc.), if there are duplicates, delete all files of the same size and all .rpf.hash and .rpf.part files that would normally contain a directory. After that, your launcher will reboot and even the download should start successfully.

Below is a list of nearly correct sizes in .RPF files. Don’t forget to delete all files using duplicate file size, the real event is that it is under the correct name given below as that is what is causing the problem and will cause other files to be duplicated. Don’t forget to also delete the .rpf.hash or .rpf.part files.

 x64q.rpf 2.63 GB
x64l.rpf 2.4 GB
x64g.rpf 2.38 GB
x64k.rpf 2.2 GB
x64c.rpf 2.05 GB
x64e.rpf 1.97 GB
x64j.rpf 1.96 GB
x64v.rpf 1.81 GB
x64t.rpf 1.79 GB
x64m.rpf 1.68 GB
x64d.rpf 1.68 GB
x64i.rpf 1.66 GB
x64o.rpf 1.64 GB
x64r.rpf 1.59 GB
x64h.rpf 1.58 GB
x64s.rpf 1.53 GB
x64n.rpf 1.53 GB
x64p.rpf 1.33 GB
x64u.rpf 1.26 GB
x64f.rpf 981.1 MB
x64w.rpf 893.92 MB
x64b.rpf 142.53 MB
x64a.rpf 46.MB

I got 44. I originally got a list of the correct file sizes from a bit of a torrent site, so not only are they the exact size to the KB, but the file sizes are roughly rounded to the nearest GB/MB, people can check the file’s properties through Windows. Another reason some people say it’s not is because they’re trying to calculate it as 2 GB for 2,000,000 KB, when it really isn’t.

I just finished uploading and everything seems to be working great and now I’m starting the countdown. My family and me posting my MD5 checksums below along with all my .rpf file sizes and the total size of my GTA 5 folder.

 x64a.rpf - 683610e269ba60c5fcc7a9f6d1a8bfd5
x64b.rpf - 70af24cd4fe2c8ee58edb902f018a558
x64c.rpf - 2a0f6f1c35ad567fe8e56b9c9cc4e4c6
x64d.rpf - c8757b052ab5079c7749bcce02538b2e
x64e.rpf - e5416c0b0000dad4014e0c5e9b878ff9
x64f.rpf - 5c6fc965d56ae6d422cd6cbe5a65a3a5
x64g.rpf - 1d8a64b337c3e07dffec0f53530cdb8e
x64h.rpf - fe657d9282df303b080c3a2f6771c9ea
x64j.rpf - 143deee4c7699b9f07ef21d43ae0915b
x64k.rpf - da2c88b4ca69c99a86868a9433084a9d
x64l.rpf - f4307b005a3e90192f235959621781d1
x64m.rpf - a1304d84875747aa7405465d37d3c6fb
x64n.rpf - c48a14fe1c301360a16e8b0c5472fd1d
x64o.rpf - 6715a4eabbbc8868f15630bf917db49a
x64p.rpf - 6ad56befada1db7cccd9cea7834c825b
x64q.rpf - ff6d09527d7fdc005d3fa78435e09c8a
x64r.rpf - 1465c9da5cc17b68f14915b6c1d815bc
x64s.rpf - 2c6e61201eb4f60d5c3c1e9ae6d67a32
x64t.rpf - 4c15a54a4c9573d7a0bcfa4689d9d1ed
x64u.rpf - 2c9cff0cc5f99ad2218e4c4de39881b7
x64v.rpf - db647120263d0282b6f6c555f6112a1c
x64w.rpf - 46a4abe50bfc78c30c0173d888cf2c4a

Another problem that people face is slow download speeds or maybe even connection loss errors. There is a website fix that asks you to delete the .rpf.hash/.rpf.part files. DO NOT DO THIS.

If you delete those 2 mp3s without deleting the main .rpf history (x64q.rpf – x64q.rpf.hash etc.), you are telling the launcher to ignore the .rpf file entirely. The game will load in parts, allfiles in .rpf format. When the game downloads one of the .rpf files, run the next one, you will see the total weight of the file on the hard drive, but it’s not there anymore and it’s not complete, maybe it’s just there as a placeholder to read part of the disk area for this particular .rpf file. So if you’re just getting ahead of yourself, leave “60” GB of data, rather it’s not there, you really need 60 GB paired with placeholder data.

There is no fix for difficult downloads/losing connection, it’s just a state, you need to keep an eye on the purchase. While it seems like only downloads and installations sometimes slow down, in my case I found that it mostly happens for a short amount of time when one of the .rpf files can finish downloading. The connection loss issue also seems to allow them to initially only show up with a new .rpf file, which should also be around the same time your entire family is back at full download speed. This is certainly the case in my case, I don’t know if you have some, but it may also depend on how many consumers are uploading and where you areare located, and therefore possibly from the server you are downloading from the world. In a lawsuit, my me too in Australia seems to be downloading from a good server in Australia as well, as my download speeds match the speeds I get on Steam most of the time.