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How To Use The Start Menu In Windows 10

What Is The Build Menu?

It seems appropriate to start with the Start menu. The Start menu can be a place where you can easily find all the programs as well as applications on computer. If you prefer to start with a useful program or application, you usually start with the Start menu.

You can access the Start menu using the Windows key on your keyboard or by clicking the Start button in the address bar

Once you open the Start menu, you can simply type it in to perform a full search for any program or file on your computer. It usually only takes a few letters to find what you’re looking for and then press In to open the Else executable.

You can also ask questions about topics like the weather, sports, or movies, and conveniently get web results from the Start menu. If you click on one of the links, it will show up in the Microsoft Edge browser, sometimes if you’ve chosen a different default internet browser. (

Add Remove/Apps

To add a software application to the start menu, one cango it one by one, then right-click on it and select “Pin to Start”.

You can also highlight a program on the Start menu by dragging it from the Deferred Programs list to any part of the Start menu. Don’t worry, it might be in the list of programs on the left.

You can lose any pinned Start menu or program application by properly replacing it and choosing “Remove from Startup”.

Resize Apps/widgets

Not only can you change the size of the Start menu, but you can also change the size of some programs or applications pinned to the Start menu. Resize to an awesome new app, right click it and hover over “Resize” to see many different size options. Some widgets provide special functionality in large views. For example, the weather app shows the temperature in a small global size, but in a larger size, you also get a weekly overview.

Organizing The Start Menu

Pinned applications can be organized into lists, and then specifiedThe demographic group. Rearranging or moving the circle is also promising. To create a new group, simply drag the app from any existing group.

Install Microsoft Store Updates And Apps

Use the Microsoft Store to manage and update your own apps instead of installing new apps.

To set up a new app, simply search for the desired app in the store. Most of the most popular blogs are free. The store, which is usually at home, has a section with the most popular free games and apps such as Netflix, Spotify and Roblox.

To install an important new app, all you have to do is click directly on the desired app and then click the blue “GET” button if it’s completely free. Otherwise, click the blue BUY button. .

Clicking the three dots at the top right of all apps in the Microsoft Store will open a menu. You can view all your own apps from “My Library”. From here you can see all your own games, all installed software,Applications or applications available for installation. You can also see if any updates are available for download.

To enable automatic updates, select one of the “Settings” options in the three facts menu and make sure “Update apps automatically” is checked.

Computer Repair Manuals

Find Out How To Fix It Yourself With This Ducktoes Guide!

On this page you will find instructions to help you repair, use and maintain your own computer. These are articles from my blog. I have used them here to make them more accessible and easier to read. Check back often for unique lessons. Or read the latest news on my blog.

If you don’t want to lose your precious photos, music and documents. And if you want to save a lot of money on motivation as well as hassle for years to come – renovation costs are yours About the computer due to problems with protection against malware and malware – then take the training from the link below – below. This is certainly a very inexpensive (free!) preventative measure to gauge how well reformatting and engineering reduces the cost of a service.

Use Google As Your Computer Repair Tool

If you’re having a problem with your computer and need help, you can always get expert advice by searching Google for an answer. For example, if your computer is infected with our own system tool virus, you can google “Remove system tool virus” and it will give you instructions on how to repair the software yourself. Or you can contact us via Ducktoes and we’ll fix it.

Protect Your Device From Computer Viruses And Malware

Most computers contain viruses, malware, spyware, and some types of adware. If you are browsing the Internet without any protection against viruses and malware, if Your protection is overdue or insufficient, you probably have malware and Korn on your computer, there can be hundreds of different types. Or thousands. During this week, I removed 1095 different malicious programs from my electronic computer. It was damn slow. Ay-yai-yai, the eyes of our company widened in anticipation of action.

Sometimes malware doesn’t have a noticeable effect on the performance of your computer system, at least initially, but often it slows it down very, very well. And it always makes your basic data and personal information insecure.

Many people think that their antivirus software is enough to protect against any kind of malware. This is a dangerous misconception because Malwarebytes is tricked into having antivirus software. It finds a lot of malware, trojans and adware and misses trojans such as encrypted shield or ransomware. Therefore, it is imperative that you have both an antivirus and dedicated antimalware protection.

CFirst, download Malwarebytes from Update and run everything. Here is the guide.

After cleaning the malware, install the infecting software. AVG Personal is a free version. It is excellent. You can upgrade both by purchasing the software. I recommend Malwarebytes Pro and use it on my computers. I also use AVG Cloudcare.

Make sure the Windows Update package is set to Automatic, so download and install it regularly.

If you need more protection than the hackers allowed by Windows Firewall, I recommend the Zone Alarm Firewall, which experts say also has a free version despite it can block Internet access, in failure exceptions are high and can be frustrating depending on your computer skills.

Speed ​​up Your Computer

Part One. Clean Up Your Hard Drive.

The first thing to do to speed up your personal computer is to get rid of malware, spyware and viruses. Thuwhat if you have already done this and your computer is free from potential malicious viruses, but it is too slow? Or after you just cleaned up your viruses and your computer still hasn’t sped up more than a little. Then this section is for you.